Episode 07: Picking the Right Ad Platform: Where is Your Market Hiding?

Should you buy traffic from Google? Instagram? Bing?  Facebook?  It depends.

In this episode, the Perpetual Traffic experts (Keith, Molly and Ralph) teach you to avoid the first (and biggest) mistake people make when buying traffic.  You’ll learn to determine the right ad platform for your offer so you can put your marketing in front of your ideal customer.

The truth is that the quality of your offer, ad creative and landing pages means nothing if you don’t find your market. Learn the Perpetual Traffic method for picking the right ad platform in today’s episode.


  • The two types of ad platforms you have to choose from and which networks fall into those categories.  Do you need a “Seeker” or “Interruptive” ad platform?
  • How to change your approach (and the ad platform) based on the “Market Mindset” (<<< There are 3 mindsets your market may have)
  • How to structure a cross-platform ad campaign that moves a prospect from completely unaware of your product or service to a hungry buyer.
  • The simple questions you’ll answer to laser focus on your ideal customer and find their “hang outs.”  (You’ll apply these answers in the next episode of Perpetual Traffic)


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