Episode 435: WTF is a Pixel-less Funnel? With Depesh Mandalia

What is a “pixel-less” ad campaign?

On today’s episode, Kasim talks to Depesh Mandia, a wicked smart Facebook ads expert and the founder of SM Commerce. They discuss a new way of running ads – what Depesh calls PTSD. If you’ve been running Facebook ads for the last 12 months, you’ve probably encountered a Pixel-less Traffic System Design (PTSD). This is essentially an ad formula that doesn’t need pixel tracking. And when you don’t need pixel tracking, iOS14 isn’t an issue anymore.

Listen in to learn how you can use a “pixel-less” ad campaign to generate greater control, visibility, and accuracy in your ads – as well as better retarget your ideal clients without necessarily taking them out of Facebook. 


  • The “pixel-less” ad campaign 
  • This week’s nugget: How to use Facebook’s built-in reporting tool
  • The loss of data as a result of the iOS 14 update 
  • A content-first approach to marketing
  • Why you need to stop taking people out of Facebook
  • The best way to learn about ads: spend your own money on ads
  • How to consistently feed the algorithm with good data
  • Depesh’s definition of a good ad

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