Episode 462: How to Get 315 Signed Personal Injury Law Cases in 4 Months with Google & Facebook

On today’s episode of the Perpetual Traffic Podcast, Ralph Burns and Kasim Aslam delve into the realm of personal injury law, exploring the latest trends and strategies for success. They introduce a cutting-edge SAS application called Content Fries, which automates the process of repurposing content, making it easy to distribute bite-sized pieces of videos across social media platforms. They also delve into how companies can optimize their efforts to secure signed cases and effectively target individuals who have valid claims that can be assisted. Lastly, they delve into the challenging issue of insurance companies spending billions but still not wanting to make payouts in the majority of cases.


  • 00:00:00 – Content Fries: Automated Content Repurposing for Maximum Distribution
  • 00:02:39 – Partnership Leads to Autonomy and Success: The Tier 11 Story
  • 00:03:45 – Maximizing Your Content Creation Efforts with Content Fries
  • 00:05:34 – Content Fries: The Limited Editor for Social Media Success
  • 00:09:02 – The Benefits of Chopping Up Video Content for Social Channels
  • 00:10:56 – Increased Leads and Decreased Costs: How Michigan Injury Lawyers are Benefitting from Content Fries
  • 00:15:42 – Leveraging Google and Facebook for Marketing: A Marketer’s Perspective
  • 00:20:47 – Leveraging Google Platforms for Personal Injury Cases
  • 00:23:34 – Optimizing for Signed Cases: The Key to Successful Google Ads for Personal Injury Lawyers
  • 00:25:08 – Optimizing for Long-term Client Retention: A Nightmare Setup
  • 00:26:40 – Marketing Takes Time and Grit: The Benefits of Long-term Investment
  • 00:27:36 – Marketing Takes Time and Grit: Achieving Results with Smart Bidding
  • 00:32:56 – No Easy Button: Challenges of Tracking Google Ads Performance
  • 00:36:24 – Lack of Conversion Tracking Hinders Success for Personal Injury Ads
  • 00:38:36 – Lack of Differentiation Leads to Poor Mobile Site Performance
  • 00:42:27 – 24/7 Access for Personal Injury Lawyers to Receive Leads
  • 00:43:29 – Partnering for Profit: A Discussion on Working Together to Achieve Success


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