Episode 463: [Case Study P2] 6X ROAS on a $500,000 Budget

In this episode of the Perpetual Traffic Podcast, Ralph and Kasim share a case study from the personal injury law space, focusing on the last four months of 2022. They explain how building your own name and maintaining a high quality score can lead to lower costs than competitors. They also highlight the potential payoffs that individuals may not be aware of after being involved in a car accident. The case study also delves into website optimization, specifically mentioning the visually complex design with multiple font sizes and how this resulted in a 6x return on investment for the client. Ralph also shares his experience testing titles on Google Pay Per Click and offers advice for those advertising for dentistry services. Lastly, Ralph encourages listeners to subscribe and leave a rating on the platform they are listening to, as it helps the team to improve the show.


  • 00:00:00 – Maximizing ROI: A Smart Bidding vs Manual Bidding Case Study
  • 00:05:34 – Uncovering the Key to Customer Acquisition: The Importance of Deep Dive Research
  • 00:09:18 – Navigating Financial Relief After a Car Accident
  • 00:11:37 – Prioritizing Quality Leads: A Look at the Intersection of Relevance and Lucrativeness in Marketing
  • 00:16:51 – Choosing the Right Law Firm: An In-Depth Analysis of Advertising Strategies
  • 00:20:04 – Achieving Marketing Nirvana: The Tier 11 Takeover
  • 00:21:24 – Simplifying Design: Overcoming Visual Complexity and Font Confusion
  • 00:24:17 – Seeking Compensation for Pain and Suffering After a Car Accident
  • 00:27:12 – Boosting Conversion Rates: The Power of Version B
  • 00:29:50 – Profit-Driven Law Firm: 6x ROI from 15 Cases
  • 00:31:43 – The High Cost of Competing in the Digital Marketplace
  • 00:36:09 – Exploring the World of Personal Injury Law and Franchising
  • 00:37:13 – Al’s Old School System: How Rising Costs are Changing the Dental Office Market
  • 00:40:19 – Realistic Expectations: Results in Personal Injury Lawsuits May Vary


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