Episode 464: The Future of AI & Machine Learning in Advertising

In this episode of Perpetual Traffic, Kasim and Ralph explore the topic of AI and machine learning in advertising. They stress the need for training AI to make it a powerful tool for automating tasks in advertising. The importance of personal branding and being cautious when using AI is also discussed.

Additionally, the dangers of AI if it’s not used correctly are highlighted. Kasim and Ralph conclude by emphasizing the importance of understanding AI and machine learning and how it can be used in advertising. It’s crucial for marketers to be aware of the impact of AI on their work and use it wisely to their advantage.


  • 00:00:00 – Understanding the Spread of Digital Marketing Beyond the Marketing Department
  • 00:01:38 – Pioneering the Use of AI and Machine Learning in Advertising
  • 00:06:52 – Striking the Right Balance: The Benefits of Personal Branding for Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and Employees
  • 00:11:36 – The Power of Timing: You Don’t Have to be First to Succeed
  • 00:13:49 – Navigating the Midst of AI-Powered Image Creation
  • 00:16:05 – Streamlining for Success: The Impact of Efficiency on Artisans and Assembly Lines
  • 00:20:45 – The Mysterious Side of AI: Understanding the Role of AI as a Black Box
  • 00:22:43 – The Human Touch in Business: How AI Enhances Impact by Valuing People
  • 00:27:06 – Defining the Differences: AI vs. Automation – Understanding What Should Be versus What Is
  • 00:28:22 – The Benefits of Smart Automation: Understanding the Distinction between AI and Automation
  • 00:31:35 – The Advantages of “Lazy” AI Parenting: Leveraging AI for Better Parenting
  • 00:32:59 – Collaborative Intelligence: Learning from Shared ChatGPT Accounts
  • 00:35:45 – The Future of Work: Exploring the Implications of AI on Human Employment


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