Episode 476: [2022] Funnels and Google Ads Now a Match Made in Heaven?

Historically, Google advertisers haven’t liked funnels—for a lot of reasons. But is that about to drastically change? 

On today’s bite-sized episode, host Kasim Aslam is talking about his favorite topic (cue the sarcasm): funnels. Funnels haven’t functioned well traditionally in the Google ecosystem, so he hasn’t had much use for them. Until Google Performance Max. Now, not only is Kasim rethinking his opinion of funnels, he’s re-evaluating the very definition. “Marketers didn’t invent the funnel,” he says. “A funnel is a natural sequence through which a purchasing decision is made. It exists for your product or service in your industry completely independent of you.” The funnel is with your customer. The more you work to understand your customer, your avatar, the more you understand the funnel. Funnels aren’t dead, he says. They’re more important than ever.

Listen in to find out more.


  • How the full funnel marketing approach is built into the fabric of Google’s advertising 
  • What Google does with the goal, audiences, and assets you give them 
  • Why it’s counterproductive to dictate location to Google
  • How Google Performance Max builds awareness 


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