Episode 492: [Case Study]: 628 Personal Injury Law Signed Cases in 9 Months

In this episode of Perpetual Traffic, Ralph and Kasim share insights on marketing channels and lead generation strategies. A key takeaway is the value of Twitter threads in building a following and providing valuable content. They recommend creating threads regularly and pinning a tweet that acts as a table of contents for all your threads. This makes it easy for your audience to access the value you offer. The episode also explores the benefits and limitations of various ad platforms and objectives for effective lead generation, emphasizing the importance of targeting the right leads and understanding algorithms.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • 00:00:00 Direct Mail and Facebook: Effective Marketing Channels for Quality Leads
  • 00:02:04 Positive Review and Request for Backstory in Digital Marketing Podcast
  • 00:03:51 Special Episode on Cos Backstory Coming to Perpetual Traffic
  • 00:06:41 Organizing Twitter Threads with Pinned “Thread of All Threads” Tweet
  • 00:10:08 Lessons on Twitter Growth and Effective Thread Writing
  • 00:13:08 Case Study Provides Quick and Valuable Insights
  • 00:15:21 Long-term Success Demonstrated in Six-Month Google Ads Campaign Screenshot
  • 00:17:20 Customer Acquisition Model Tailored for Law Firms
  • 00:20:52 Tracking and Targeted Leads in Law Firm Marketing
  • 00:24:19 Leveraging Social Media for Law Firm Marketing
  • 00:27:30 Offline Tracking: A Game Changer for Large Ad Campaigns
  • 00:31:11 Small Law Firms’ Profitability Relies on Smaller Settlements
  • 00:32:30 Setting Up Proper Conversion Tracking in the Services Industry
  • 00:40:19 Tracking Data Points to Maximize Results
  • 00:41:39 Assessing Viability of Accident Cases for Law Firms
  • 00:46:19 Scaling Online with Offline Conversion Tracking


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