Episode 519: “The ACC Model” Case Study: How to Scale Your Meta Ads Using Google Performance Max

We explore the power of purpose-driven businesses and the impact they can have on achieving a vision. From nostalgia for roll-up car windows to case studies on making impactful statements with Google, we dive into the importance of content-rich websites in slipper marketing and expanding audience reach beyond conversion campaigns. We also discuss integrating signals for advanced marketing strategies and the lengthy path to purchase, offering insights from real case studies. Plus, we explore successful models for digital product companies, building a community, and offering additional services.


  • 00:00:00 Kicking Off: Appreciating Our Audience
  • 00:05:44 Unlocking Business Impact: The “Why” Behind Your Company’s Vision
  • 00:07:33 Generational Identity & Purpose in Today’s Digital Workspace
  • 00:15:13 URL Optimization: Boosting Conversions in the Credit Sector
  • 00:19:29 Cross-platform Campaigns: Drawing from Performance Data
  • 00:22:06 Harnessing User Analytics for Streamlined Content Creation
  • 00:27:14 December Marketing Surges: New Tactics & Promo Insights
  • 00:29:58 Crafting Cohesive Marketing: Signal Integration Strategies
  • 00:36:06 Timing Matters: Online Challenges & Lead Generation Dynamics
  • 00:41:44 The Consultation Payoff: Coaching for Concrete Outcomes


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