Episode 520: Why Google Performance Max Now Kinda Sucks & When You Should Use It

Ralph and Kasim delve deep into the contrasts of traveling in Europe versus the US, the evolving landscape of Google’s AI ambitions, and the intricacies of modern education. As they touch upon data privacy concerns and the future of personalized ads, listeners are offered a unique blend of personal anecdotes and expert insights. From discussing the allure of the European countryside to the challenges of e-commerce platforms, this episode promises a comprehensive exploration of contemporary topics that resonate in today’s digital age.


  • 00:00:00 European Travels: Contrasts Between Serbia, Bulgaria, & Austria
  • 00:05:12 The Montessori Impact on Entrepreneurial Success
  • 00:11:50 SMS & Retargeting: Elevating the E-commerce User Journey
  • 00:17:33 Google’s Performance Max: Implications on Ad Spend & Customer Acquisition
  • 00:20:22 Dissecting Customer Acquisition: Unpacking Performance Max’s Role
  • 00:23:58 Keeping Pace with Google Ads’ Ever-changing Landscape
  • 00:27:51 Tech Giants Face-Off: Google vs. Meta on Innovation Fronts
  • 00:29:27 E-commerce Evolution: Bridging Brands with Modern Tech
  • 00:35:11 Data-Driven Marketing: Gauging Performance Max’s Reach & Restrictions
  • 00:41:58 Broadening Horizons: Strategies for Diverse Customer Acquisition
  • 00:43:46 Perfecting Conversions: Fine-tuning Creatives & Tracking Mechanisms


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