Episode 560: How the Best Media Buyers Use the CCA Model on Meta for Explosive Business Growth

Today we’re featuring an episode from our VP of Marketing, Tom Meredith’s podcast, The Customer Acquisition Show. We’ll get into the dynamic world of Meta Ads. Tom, along with top media buyers, unravels the latest strategies that are making waves in digital marketing. They discuss the shift to a full-funnel approach, emphasizing the importance of building brand loyalty and engaging customers at various stages of their journey. The episode covers practical tips on ad hygiene, the effectiveness of Facebook forms post-iOS 14, and strategies for Black Friday campaigns, offering listeners valuable insights into the evolving landscape of digital advertising. Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or new to the field, this episode provides fresh perspectives and actionable tips to enhance your Meta Ads campaigns.


  • 00:00:00 – Kickoff: Dive into the Dynamic World of Meta Ads on the Perpetual Traffic Podcast
  • 00:03:49 – Expert Insights: Ollie and Cameron Discuss the Evolution of Customer Acquisition
  • 00:05:47 – Full Funnel Mastery: Unpacking the Impact of Comprehensive Marketing Strategies
  • 00:15:57 – Perfecting Your Ads: The Critical Role of Ad Hygiene in Digital Marketing
  • 00:20:44 – Audience Building Tactics: Harnessing the Power of Facebook Forms in the Post-iOS 14 Era
  • 00:22:33 – Holiday Sales Strategies: Winning Approaches for Black Friday 2023 Campaigns
  • 00:27:42 – Consumer Insights: Delving into Consumer Behavior and Funnel Optimization
  • 00:37:16 – Wrap-Up: Recap and Key Takeaways for Boosting Your Meta Ads Campaigns


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