Episode 587: From One-Man Show to Growth Engine: The COO Transformation with Ryan Hodges

Ralph Burns and Ryan Hodges discuss the power of effective leadership and how critical it is to understand business fundamentals. With Ryan making his debut on the show, they unpack the challenges and triumphs of navigating business growth through strategic insights and personal anecdotes from their journey at Tier 11. The duo discusses the major importance of aligning a company’s vision with its operational execution and culture, explaining how necessary it is for leaders to step back to propel their enterprises forward. Tune in for not only a masterclass on scaling businesses but also a candid exploration of the personal growth that comes from embracing change and fostering a supportive corporate environment.


  • 00:00:00 –  Startup Signal: Meet Ralph & Debutant CEO Ryan Hodges on Perpetual Traffic
  • 00:00:37 –  Mastermind Marvels: Unveiling the Potency of Elite Business Networks
  • 00:02:15 –  Hidden Gems: Decoding the DNA of Successful Masterminds
  • 00:04:32 –  Stagnation to Elevation: Solving the Founder’s Puzzle
  • 00:06:09 –  Expert’s Angle: Ryan’s Recipes for Revamping Enterprises
  • 00:08:47 –  Twisting Paradigms: Ryan’s Radical Approaches to Business
  • 00:11:34 –  The Haji Wheel: Spinning Strategies for Stellar Standards
  • 00:13:58 –  Full Circle: Diving Deep into the Haji Wheel’s Core
  • 00:16:23 –  Metrics that Matter: Evaluating Success Beyond the Bottom Line
  • 00:19:41 –  Revamp & Recharge: Tactical Tales from the Corporate Trenches
  • 00:22:09 –  Workshop Wonders: The Art of Business Makeovers
  • 00:25:02 –  Scaling Summits: Strategic Insights on Elevating Operations
  • 00:28:16 –  Leadership Lore: Scaling Peaks through Vision and Values
  • 00:31:45 –  Visionary Victories: Cultivating a Culture that Conquers
  • 00:35:10 –  COO Chronicles: Merging Minds for Monumental Growth


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