Episode 42: 2 Facebook Campaign Metrics that Drive ROI

In this episode, our experts explain how you can increase your relevance score and click-through-rate on the Facebook platform. Using these metrics correctly will have a lasting impact on your campaign’s ROI – both in the short-term and the long-term.

Gain better understanding and control of your Facebook ads following these simple strategies, and Facebook will reward you with better impressions and cheaper clicks.


  • How to lower your cost-per-click by increasing relevance score and click-through-rate.
  • The simple (but rarely used) rule of thumb that can indicate if your ad is going to work in the long-run (<< This will have a game changing impact on your ROI).
  • How to use these 2 metrics to make the necessary changes to your campaign (<< Getting you closer to your ROI goal).
  • The “Share to Like” Ratio that measures the success of your ad campaigns.


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