Episode 451: Why Kasim Spent a Half Million Dollars on Only 15 Keywords

Should marketers consider pairing Google’s “broad match” with Smart Bidding, or is such advice dangerously misleading?

On today’s episode, Ralph and Kasim break down an unbelievably wicked smart case study. Kasim and his team spent $500,000 on 15 keywords without any keyphrase optimization and eventually drove a 300% ROAS. Kasim explains that combining broad match with Smart Bidding made it easier for them to reach more relevant queries and identify new growth opportunities.

Tune in to hear Kasim reveal what they did, the changes they made, and how you can use this powerful combination to cast a wider net and still target the right audience. 


  • How to get video ad views at $1 per view 
  • This week’s nugget: In-app audiences are worth their weight in gold
  • The foundation of Dennis Yu’s content factory framework
  • Why you should never ask for the sale on the first touch
  • Grow your Smart Bidding campaigns with broad match
  • Never try to compete with the Google algorithm
  • What are maximized conversions?
  • The only time business owners should consider hiring an agency

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