Episode 452: Google Ads Hack to Maximize Conversions

How much money should you give Google or Facebook during the “learning” phase, and how long should this phase last?

On today’s episode, Ralph and Kasim dive deeper into an unbelievably wicked smart case study. Kasim and his team spent $500,000 on 15 keywords without any keyphrase optimization and eventually drove a 300% ROAS. Kasim explains that most advertising campaigns fail because they don’t give the algorithm enough time and money to learn. After you change or launch a new bid strategy, it might take a little while for the Google algorithm to gather the data it needs to optimize your ads.

Tune in to learn what it takes to become a super successful marketer and how the broad match-Smart bidding combination can help you capture traffic that nobody else is bidding on. 


  • Give your ad campaigns enough time and money
  • Ways to test your offer before running paid ads
  • Why paid ads are a luxury of scale
  • Consumers want to see ads next to valuable content
  • The most common mistake people make with ecommerce advertising
  • Will Google successfully navigate Web 3?
  • The power of pairing “broad match” with Smart Bidding
  • Traffic 101: Never turn off a successful ad campaign 

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