Episode 449: WTF – Are Robots Taking Over Paid Advertising?

Dogs in cowboy hats. Darth Vader hanging out with Jack Sparrow. Spider-Man browsing a cereal aisle. Imagine how uncanny your creatives would be if you could create such surreal images using AI.

On today’s episode, Ralph and Kasim sit down with Patrick Gilbert from AdVenture Media Group to discuss digital advertising in the age of AI and automation.

AI-generated art is the new king of graphic design, and for good reason; the technology is the easiest and fastest way for anyone to build original artworks from scratch. But what can a digital marketer do with AI-generated art? Tune in to hear Patrick describe how marketers can use AI to generate original creatives from prompts that can be as simple as “man riding a bike.”


  • Why creatives are now more important than ever
  • This week’s nugget: Marketers must learn about AI-generated art
  • AI-generated art is the future of creative development
  • Why brands must focus on providing value for their clients
  • How AI-generated art will transform marketing forever
  • Effective tools for creating AI-generated art
  • The unbundling of AI
  • Content is and will forever be king

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