Episode 448: [Part 2] Flipping a Funnel to Lower Your CPA

How much research is enough for writing copy and creating ad content?

We all know that effective marketing is all about researching your customer avatar, unique product features, and why buyers buy from you. However, if you’re like most marketers, you’re probably not doing enough. You struggle maxing out return on ad spend because your research only shows you gender, age, or income.

On today’s episode, Ralph and Kasim break down part two of a recent case study involving a business that helps directors, VPs, and seasoned executives land their dream job. The duo reveals how they used the Customer Acquisition Amplifier(CaAmp) to increase booked calls by 230%, drop the cost per booked call by half, and double their revenue – all in less than 3 months.  


  • Using CaAMP to drive client results
  • The type of ads that work for all types of businesses
  • Why not all leads are created equal
  • Gated content dos and don’ts
  • Conversion tracking and why it’s important
  • Why testimonials video ads are effective for all types of businesses 
  • The Creative Lab deep dive research
  • Uncovering why customers buy from you

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