Episode 430: How Meta Plans to Make Advertisers More Money (Part 2)

What can you do right now to improve ad performance on Meta platforms?

On today’s episode, Ralph and Kasim break down the main takeaway from Meta’s Performance Marketing Summit – the Performance 5 framework. The framework is Meta’s new set of best practices for marketers wanting to maximize ad performance on Facebook and Instagram. As Ralph explains, Performance 5 aligns with what we’ve come to expect from Meta over the last decade – more automation and use of AI-powered tools, adoption of more engaging video ads, and a deep focus on measurable results.

Listen in to learn the 5 components of ad success on Meta platforms and why marketers should strongly consider adopting some, if not all, of the aspects of the Performance 5 framework.


  • What is Meta’s Performance 5?
  • How AI is changing advertising
  • The benefits of diversifying your front-end ad messaging
  • Why you need to check if the Facebook Conversion API is working or not
  • Business results validation 
  • In-platform conversion and after-the-click experience
  • Creators for direct response advertising
  • Why Facebook favors ads that run according to their playbooks

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