Episode 485: How Google’s Big Tracking Decision Will Affect Your Business with Frederik Boysen

In this episode of Perpetual Traffic, Ralph and Kasim are joined by Frederik Boysen to discuss strategies for optimizing digital marketing campaigns and acquiring new customers. They stress the importance of using first-party data to improve customer match, understanding the cost to acquire a customer, and tracking the consumer journey across devices. The episode also covers the importance of aligning business financial strategy and marketing in response to inflation and maximizing Google Ads algorithm performance. Listeners can gain valuable insights on metrics for measuring business growth and tips for effective campaigns.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • 00:03:29 – Using Google’s algorithm to acquire new customers
  • 00:06:16 – Separate campaigns for better reporting and customer data
  • 00:08:55 – Attribution is important in marketing
  • 00:10:24 – Tracking and attributing marketing for improved profitability and performance
  • 00:14:15 – Using contribution margin for a holistic view of business
  • 00:17:37 – Understanding baseline customer acquisition cost and lifetime value
  • 00:20:29 – Cross-channel marketing and its implications
  • 00:21:45 – A new tool for insights on Facebook ads’ impact on other channels
  • 00:23:33 – Discovering products with Iris iPhone device and Google Shopping
  • 00:26:06 – Maximizing Google Ads algorithm performance
  • 00:31:27 – Analyzing advertising spend and tracking the consumer journey across devices
  • 00:34:11 – Maximizing top-of-funnel on Facebook for customer acquisition
  • 00:36:15 – Understanding the challenge of attribution in YouTube advertising
  • 00:37:11 – Breaking down ad spending and advice for scaling up
  • 00:42:11 – Understanding the impact timeline for effective campaigns
  • 00:45:27 – Maximizing attribution window for Google Click ID
  • 00:46:00 – Tracking sales through internal metrics and backward math
  • 00:51:56 – Tracking real profit in business metrics
  • 00:53:44 – Aligning business financial strategy and marketing in response to inflation
  • 00:57:02 – Using profitability on ad spend as the key metric for marketing success

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