Episode 576: (Part 1) Why ROAS Sucks: The New Attribution Metric Everyone Should Use…But Aren’t

Today Ralph and John Moran get into the transformative journey of Tier 11 and the pivotal role John plays in this evolution. As they dissect the outdated metrics plaguing the industry, they introduce a client-centric approach that’s reshaping how success is measured in digital marketing. This conversation not only puts a spotlight on the strategic merger of John’s expertise with Tier 11’s vision but also challenges the conventional agency model, advocating for a more holistic, performance-driven method. By focusing on the real indicators of growth, they lay down a roadmap for businesses aiming to thrive in a constantly evolving digital landscape. If you’re looking to transcend traditional marketing boundaries and achieve genuine, scalable success, tune in to part one now.


  • 00:00:00 – Introduction to Perpetual Traffic and Welcoming John Moran
  • 00:04:41 – Connect with Us: How to join our community for real-time discussions.
  • 00:05:50 – Agency Evolution: Exploring the shift towards integrated marketing models.
  • 00:07:31 – Mastering Google Ads and Beyond: Techniques for managing complex ad platforms.
  • 00:10:17 – The Omni-Channel Approach: Expanding marketing strategies for broader impact.
  • 00:11:32 – Beyond Traditional Metrics: Why ROAS isn’t the only measure of success.
  • 00:14:23 – Crafting Omni-Channel Strategies: Practical steps for effective multi-platform marketing.
  • 00:20:50 – Looking Ahead: Preparing for the future of digital marketing agencies.
  • 00:23:45 – Strategic Synergies: How John Moran’s expertise magnifies Tier 11’s vision.
  • 00:30:12 – Decoding Success Metrics: A deeper dive into identifying and leveraging real growth indicators in digital marketing.
  • 00:36:08 – Breaking Boundaries: Challenging traditional marketing practices to foster innovation and scalability.
  • 00:41:17 – Wrapping Up: Summary and resources for continued learning.


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