Episode 447: [Case Study] Unconventional Ways to Lower Your CPA

What is the most powerful type of messaging across all industries and advertising platforms?

On today’s episode, Ralph and Kasim break down a recent case study involving a business that helps directors, VPs, and seasoned executives land their dream job. The business wanted to reduce the cost for booked calls to less than $200, get at least 20 booked calls a week, and eventually grow its revenue. After implementing the Customer Acquisition Amplifier, Ralph and his team increased booked calls by 230%, dropped the cost per booked call by half, and doubled their revenue – all in less than 3 months.  

Tune in to hear Ralph share what they did, the changes they made, where they failed, and how you can use the most powerful type of video messaging to achieve similar results.


  • Why traffic should never be your primary focus
  • This week’s nugget: A sneaky and fast way to create more content
  • The paradox of success and embracing failure
  • How to implement the traffic harmonizer 
  • Different messaging for different types of audiences
  • The effectiveness of testimonial videos
  • How to get your customers to create content for your brand

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Check out Tier 11’s Conversion Architecture HERE



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