Episode 19: Facebook Ad Graduate School [Case Study: Betty Rocker Part Four]

Bree Argetsinger (A.K.A. The Betty Rocker) is back to talk about how she’s taken her business from organic Instagram advertising to Facebook’s video ads. At the end of Bree’s 3-Part series, she had a great educational video on her landing page that she wanted to turn into a Facebook video ad. She turned it into an ad and started running it… and Facebook disapproved it. Facebook’s ad policies have tightened leading to a major increase in the number of disapproved ads and — even worse — banned accounts.

In this episode of the Perpetual Traffic podcast, the Perpetual Traffic experts (Keith, Molly and Ralph) discuss how you can “Facebookize” your content to create helpful, educational, and compliant ads, as well as establishing your own business voice while observing what others in your market are successfully doing.


• How to use “Edu-sales-ment” ad copy to neutralize fear, increase relevance score and drive down cost per customer
• How Bree is making $47 sales with just $4 in ad spend (Oh… and 15 cent leads to boot)
• Bree’s “Foyer, Living Room, Door” strategy that transforms prospects into raving, loyal customers in an ethical way.
• The right (and wrong) way to “steal” ideas from other businesses


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